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Optimize Bloated Windows Filers

80% of Data on Windows Servers is Inactive, Impacting Your Business

Large backups waste limited time and resources


Long recoveries destroy productivity and revenue

Increased disk I/O decreases performance


Data on wrong storage burns through budget

The Solution is the FileFly Secondary Storage Platform

Identify inactive data and automatically migrate

Extract more value from existing storage and resources

Stay online and productive, meet RTOs

Enable consolidation and collaboration

FileFly Reduces Storage TCO by 75% and Speeds Backup & Recovery

90% 20%

120 mins 40 mins

24 hrs 2 hrs

90% 20%

120 mins 40 mins

24 hrs 2 hrs

Additional Benefits of FileFly Secondary Storage Platform

Transparent to apps and workflows

Automated, scalable and self-healing

Protects against ransomware attacks

Seamlessly Integrates with Windows Ecosystem

  • Stub remains in Windows Server FS
  • Data migrated back on access
  • Hardware appliance or software-defined
Maintaining backups and archives is very expensive. With erasure coding, replication and other data protection features, we can move away from traditional backup. Object storage can take care of itself. Resiliency and flexibility is the real benefit for us.
Ryan Curry, Assistant Director of Technology Operations and Systems Management at TTU

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