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Why Major Cloud Storage Services are Built on Object Storage

Why Major Cloud Storage ServicesAdrian Herrera, Caringo’s Senior Director of Marketing, discusses how the way organizations access data is changing. Data is expected to be available anywhere, anytime, and that means that storage is expected to be available anywhere at anytime. This presents huge challenges for IT and service organizations. Now you must provide cloud storage, deliver infrastructure as a service – all with feature rich capabilities that enable customizable data durability, secure access and metering. Easy, right? Then you have to scale it from Terabytes to Exabytes. So how do the big guys do it at massive scale, cost effectively? Object storage.

In this webinar you will find out how object storage enables you to:

  • Deliver “just-in-time” storage from TBs to EBs, without downtime
  • Provide any level of 9s data durability, without RAID or backups
  • Ensure data longevity across hardware and platforms, for decades
  • Support high performance use cases, regardless of file size or capacity
  • Benefit from the same cloud economics as the big guys