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Storing Data: When Does Dense Make Sense?

As we move to an everything-online model, Western Digital and Caringo execs discuss HDD advancements and when it makes sense to go dense.


The rate of data growth for many organizations is outpacing budgets and resources needed to store it all efficiently. One of the solutions is increasing the density of storage, enabling you to store more data in a smaller footprint. In episode 11 of Brews & Bytes, we will tackle these questions:

  • What are the trends in HDD density and how quickly have things advanced the past few years?
  • Should everything digital that is created by businesses and individuals be stored?
  • With 14 and 18 TB HDDs on the market, when is a good time to go dense?
  • How are organizations approaching this issue?

Caringo VP of Marketing and Brews & Bytes host Adrian J Herrera will be joined by Eric Dey, Caringo Head of Product, and Scott Hamilton, WD Sr. Director of Product Management and Marketing. More than 36% of the world’s data resides on WD products.