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Secure Secondary Storage for Digital Video Workflows


Caringo and Bridge Digital Securing Digital Video WorkflowsIn the Media and Entertainment industry, organizations that can store and access all digital video at every step in the production process have a significant competitive advantage which can result in new revenue streams. In this webinar, Richie Murray, President and Founder of Bridge Digital (a solutions integrator specializing in helping M&E companies create, distribute and monetize their video assets more efficiently), and Tony Barbagallo, VP of Product for Caringo (a massively scalable storage, delivery and management platform designed specifically for content), will discuss how to leverage secure secondary storage without disruption to existing digital video workflows. Topics covered include:

  • Definition of “secure secondary storage” and how current offerings differ from traditional archive solutions
  • How secondary storage can help optimize pre-edit, edit and post processes
  • How to seamlessly plug secure secondary storage into video workflows
  • A demo on optimizing Avid shared storage with Marquis Project Parking through automated transfer to/from the Caringo platform