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Save Your Budget and Optimize NetApp – Archive to Object Storage

Save your budget and optimize your NetAppAre you just about to spend another big chunk of your IT budget on expanding your NetApp footprint to store files that you rarely access? Have you come to the realization that you can no longer afford to buy NetApp based on your data growth rates? Are you ready to drastically improve the overall performance of your existing NetApp investment, in spite of that impending growth?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should view our webinar and in 30 minutes learn how to free your IT budget from another big storage purchase while retaining and optimizing the NetApp in your primary workflow.

In this webinar you will learn how to use Moonwalk data management software and Caringo object storage software to:

  • Automatically archive static files off of primary storage and onto object storage, without impacting your current workflow
  • Optimize your primary storage resources where they are needed, and squeeze every bit of value from commodity server-based storage for everything else
  • Store files for as long as you need to (instead of as long as you can afford to)
  • Shift IT’s resources from storage management to enabling data mining and better business outcomes