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Protect from Data Loss, Streamline Backups, & Create New Revenue Streams

Data Deposit Box & CaringoData Deposit Box (DDB) develops complete business protection solutions for PCs, Macs, Servers, Databases, and Virtual servers. They provide these solutions as a service and on-premise so you can protect your business. Or if you are a service provider you can offer these services to your customers for new revenue streams. Both the cloud-based offering and the on-premise solutions use Caringo Swarm as cloud storage infrastructure to ensure the most efficient use of resources, ease of management and rock-solid reliability that scales as quickly as your business requires.

In this 30 minute webinar Ben Puzzuoli, DDB’s Director of Sales and Adrian J Herrera, Caringo’s VP of Marketing will:

  • Give a high level demonstration of DDB’s product suite
  • Discuss how to leverage DDB for complete business protection
  • Discuss how service providers can use these solutions to establish new revenue streams
  • Show how you can benefit from using Caringo Swarm behind DDB business protection solutions