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On-Premises and Cloud Storage — Friends or Foes?

Before the term “cloud” was coined, the debate regarding on-prem vs offsite/managed storage raged on. Hear what storage leaders have to say.


Long before the term “cloud” was being used, the lively debate regarding on-premises versus offsite/managed storage raged on with questions such as:

  • Should you be moving all of your data to the cloud?
  • Should you keep your data on-prem?
  • Is there a middle ground, and is hybrid cloud storage practical?

In this episode of our Brews & Bytes live webcast, David Boland, Wasabi Director of Product Marketing, and Eric Dey, Caringo Director of Product, join host Adrian J Herrera, VP Marketing at Caringo, to discuss these questions. With perspectives as leaders in companies that specialize in cloud storage and on-premise storage and also as technology industry professionals with multiple decades of experience, this is sure to be a lively conversation. You don’t want to miss this one!