High-Performance + Capacity Storage for Every Stage of the Media Workflow Webinar Preview GraphicChanges in content creation workflows and access patterns of content creators and end users are stressing every aspect of the traditional Media & Entertainment (M&E) storage workflow. Do you invest in high-performance storage first, or enable protection, distribution and petabyte scale with object storage? How much of each solution is needed and how can you predict usage and growth to properly size each solution? And once you do this, how do you ensure operability throughout the entire M&E workflow from creation to management to archive? In this webinar, Barry Evans, Pixit Media’s CTO and Adrian Herrera, Caringo’s VP of Marketing demonstrate how to solve these challenges through a complete software-defined storage (SDS) approach combining Pixit Media’s PixStor and PixStor Ngenea Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) solutions with the Caringo Swarm scale-out object storage platform.