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Economical Storage: Data Insight, Data Movement and Storage Options

Organizations need to find economical storage and identify data that can be moved to different tiers. How do they meet this challenge?


There are many ways organizations, analysts and vendors categorize storage. Once you get past the techno-babble, the lowest common denominators amongst storage methods lead to 3 categories:

  1. Frequently accessed data
  2. Moderately accessed data
  3. Infrequently accessed data

In this second episode of Brews & Bytes, we will take a closer look at categories 2 and 3, which we are calling “economical” storage.

This conversation goes beyond just talking $/GB. Our guests Tridib Chakravarty (aka TC), the CEO of StorageDNA, and Ryan Meek, Caringo’s Principal Solutions Architect, will discuss challenges organizations are facing finding economical storage, how they are determining what data can be moved to different tiers of storage, and the pros and cons of different types of economical storage options.