Cloud Seeding with Object Storage Containers

How does a containerized, auto-configured object storage environment come up quickly and reliably? And how can containers be used for continuous integration testing and deployment?


When you integrate the use of containers with object storage, it expands on the benefits of both technologies while removing the requirement for dedicated servers. This enables potential new use cases for object storage such as:

  • Mobile video (e.g., sportscasting and video editing on site)
  • Mobile army hospitals and regional health systems (such as ambulances)
  • Workflows in public clouds (such as Azure, Amazon and Wasabi)
  • Complex needs such as local storage for telemetry with async feed to the hub
  • Edge clusters for IoT

On this Tech Tuesday webinar, Ryan Meek, Principal Solutions Architect, hosts Jamshid Afshar, Caringo’s lead on all things Container, to share how a containerized, auto-configured Caringo environment comes up quickly and reliably. They will also discuss how containers can be used for continuous integration testing and deployment, all-in-one laptop environments, demos, customer setups or reproductions and production rollouts.