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Bring Your Filer Into the Cloud Age

Bring Your Filer Into the Cloud AgeIs your filer becoming a “data junk drawer” that is difficult to backup and expand? When an issue occurs is it taking a long time to recover? Are you dreading making another expensive filer purchase only to compound these issues? Wouldn’t it be great to fix all these issues without changing your applications or user workflow while keeping your filer and bringing it into the cloud age?

This webinar—will provide you with the insights you need to bring your NetApp® or Windows® file server into the cloud age with Caringo® FileFly™ for Swarm so you can:

  • Store everything you need by creating a limitless pool of secondary storage that plugs directly into your NetApp and Windows file servers
  • Automatically migrate less frequently accessed files, freeing up to 90% of file server capacity
  • Eliminate storage silos by consolidating files from all your file servers
  • Reduce storage TCO by 400%
  • Scale storage to hundreds of petabytes & beyond on the commodity hardware of your choice


  • Tony Barbagallo, VP Product
  • Glen Olsen, FileFly Product Manager
  • Adrian J Herrera, VP Marketing