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Object Storage: We’ve Got Your Back, Part 2

Earlier this week, I talked about how object storage gives you the benefits of automatic protection. Of course, the whole point of backing up is to prepare for the reality that hardware fails at the most inopportune times. IT shops vigilantly prepare for this, but once things go south, there is always the question of […]

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Crash Course on Object Storage at Virt-G Boston

This week, I’m prepping to present at tomorrow night’s Virtualization Meetup Group (VMUG) in Boston at the Microsoft N.E.R.D Center. Yes, there is still time to register! We will be presenting “A Crash Course on Object Storage. How It’s Helping Businesses in Every Industry and How It Can Help You!” at 8:00 p.m. With up […]

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Software-defined storage? Software-based storage? Whatever it’s called it should solve the cause, not treat the symptom.

I just read a blog post by one of our competitors on the definition of software-defined storage vs software-based storage vs arrays and what technologies fit where. The definition presented unsurprisingly fits nicely into supporting the current cash cow for major storage array vendors. Whether a storage technology is classified as software-defined, software-based or just […]

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