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Object Storage: Enabling On-Demand Workflows for Sports Video

The challenges of enabling “on-demand” workflows are being felt across every industry driven by digital video. However, those who have large content archives or are struggling with supporting live events are facing particularly challenging issues. Sports video professionals need to deal with both. In this blog, I will give a high-level overview of how object […]

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Enabling “On-Demand” in Digital Video Workflows

30 years ago to the month, CERN computer scientist Tim Berners Lee published a proposal for what would become the Internet. It took another 2 years for the first web page to be published by CERN. After that, things took off. A new platform for mass communication using text and images over Hypertext Transfer Protocol […]

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Share the Love with FileFly Data Storage Management

It’s February, spring is here, and love is in the air. So why not share a little of that love with FileFly? FileFly 3.0 is the latest version of our Windows and NetApp archival tool and it can now be used to move data to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS or Caringo Swarm Object-Based […]

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