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Certified Training Classes

Caringo trains your technical staff to ensure they are following best practices so your Swarm clusters are running at peak efficiency

All training is provided by our technical staff online in small classes with interactive participation 1 to 2 hours per day over the course of 2 weeks. Your team members can now attend training in the comfort of their own office or home.

You can register yourself or an entire group.

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Swarm Learning Tracks

It all starts with the Swarm Basic Training Class, where we train your staff to make sure your staff is prepared to help you with your storage challenges. The Basic class is a prerequisite for the advanced Swarm Storage training as well as the FileFly training. Here are the topics you can learn about in the Swarm Training Classes.
Installing Swarm
  • Installing Clusters
  • Replacing Nodes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Networking
  • Phone Home Reports
  • Platform Server
  • Node Configuration
  • Testing Resiliency
Administering Swarm
  • Overview & Concepts
  • Infrastructure
  • Elastic Content Protection (Swarm - Advanced)
  • Disaster Recovery (Swarm - Advanced)
  • Content Administration
  • Object Versioning (Swarm - Advanced)
  • Search & Query (Swarm - Advanced)
The Swarm Ecosystem
  • Content Storage Protocol
  • SDK and Proxy
  • Intercluster Replication
  • Content Portal
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • S3 API
  • FileFly
  • SwarmFS NFS & SMB (Swarm - Advanced)

Training Module Pricing



Swarm Basic Certification
* Prices are based on USD / per student
  • Advanced Configuration
  • Swarm Object Versioning
  • Elasticsearch for Swarm
  • Prometheus Monitoring with Swarm
  • Swarm Native API Overview
  • Software Development Kit Overview




* Prices are based on USD / per student
  • Caringo Overview & History
  • Swarm Overview and Introduction
  • Hardware and Sizing Considerations
  • Swarm Networking Overview
  • Swarm Health Reports
  • Support Resources and Utilities
  • Administering Swarm with Legacy Console
  • Storage Management UI
  • Storage Cluster Administration
  • Recovery and Protection
  • Tech Support Scripts Bundle
  • Intercluster Replication with Swarm Feeds
  • Gateway: Storage Protocols, Metering, Management
  • Gateway S3 Protocol



Swarm Basic Certification
* Prices are based on USD / per student
  • Concepts and Terminology
  • Deployment Scenarios
  • Installation
  • Administration

Looking for Something Else?

Reach out to Caringo and set up a scheduled time to discuss your specific needs.