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Proven Cloud and Object Storage for the Public Sector

In public sector IT, everyone counts on you to keep your systems secure, cost-effective, and efficient. There is no room to waste money, and no data that can be lost or left unprotected. Swarm has been used by the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, City of Austin, Brazilian Federal Court System and many more to provide scalable, reliable storage that is securely accessible yet cost effective for long-term preservation of content.


Manage Unpredictable Growth and Access Requirements

For over a decade, Caringo has been perfecting Swarm while continuing to add innovative features and interfaces. The result is the industry’s most flexible storage solution that enables reliability and data integrity while providing a platform for you to continually support evolving use cases and access methods.

Optimize Footprint and Integrity Based on Requirements

Elastic Content Protection is automated management of data protection schemes to optimize for data integrity, data center footprint or performance. In addition, compliance features like WORM, Legal Hold and Integrity Seals are included at no extra cost. The Office of Police Integrity (OPI) built a secure archive for forensic information around Swarm to overcome storage challenges resulting from escalating data growth. The solution ensures that data remains immutable for proof of non-tampering in court.

Expand as You Grow

Swarm is the only solution on the market where you can grow by as little as a single hard drive at a time and support any mix of servers, HDD or SSD sizes. You can grow when you need to based on budget availability or need. This has been key for the Technology Operations and Systems Management (TOSM) department at Texas Tech University System.

Consolidate Data, Eliminate Silos

Files from various sources are stored on the same storage platform, each with their own unique ID. This allows you to consolidate data and enable collaboration while eliminating storage silos.

Enable Secure, Metered Access

Rapidly deliver storage services and secure access to internal or external users. Swarm snaps into existing authentication and access control systems and comes with an integrated management portal for easy web-based or API-based administration.

Search with Ease

Gain robust insight into objects stored via Swarm search. Ad hoc queries can be run on object attributes or metadata and viewed through a web-based portal or compiled as JSON or XML for import into 3rd-party analytics applications. Read how the City of Austin Police Department uses Caringo Swarm’s advanced metadata capabilities to ensure they can find video evidence when they need it.

Support Next-Gen Apps and Workflows

Swarm’s native interface is a RESTful interface based on HTTP 1.1 with SDKs in all major languages. In addition, Swarm supports the Amazon S3 API and major storage protocols like NFS and SMB.


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