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Microsoft Server Optimization

Is your Microsoft® Windows® Server storage full of unstructured data that doesn’t need to remain on primary storage? Wasted budget, backup windows that are becoming impossibly long, insufficient capacity or the dreaded missed Recovery Time Objective? Now there’s a solution—the Caringo FileFly Secondary Storage Platform—a complete offering designed to solve the problem of Windows Server storage bloat.

Thin Provisioning

Caringo FileFly Secondary Storage Platform

The FileFly Secondary Storage Platform identifies data ideal for secondary storage and automatically tiers it based on business requirements to a continuously protected storage repository—all at a fraction of the cost of expanding primary storage.

Automate Data Migration

The solution, powered by FileFly 2.0 and Caringo Swarm, uses set-and-forget policies based on file properties and access patterns to determine what data should be moved.

Reduce RTO Targets

90% of data on Windows Servers is passive, slowing backup windows and RTO objectives. When data is migrated off the server by FileFly, a pointer is left with active data remaining on the server. This significantly reduces backup and RTO windows.

Tier Intelligently

Data transfer is automated and transparent to users, applications and processes. Files transparently migrate back to primary storage upon access, leaving workflows and applications unaffected to enable next-generation data management processes.

Consolidate & Collaborate

Caringo’s FileFly Secondary Storage Platform seamlessly works with Windows® DFSR, so you can easily deploy file consolidation and collaboration workflows. The solution can be deployed with existing servers or new installations and reduces your need for traditional primary storage hardware.

Complete Solution

In addition to all the hardware and software you need, the FileFly Secondary Storage Platform comes complete with premium remote installation, consultation with solutions specialists, training and support customized to your specific needs


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