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Securely Accessible Unified Medical Archive

Managing the explosion of digital medical images, diagnostic reports and patient medical records has become increasingly complex. At the same time, HIPAA, state and local healthcare regulations are becoming more stringent adding layers of complexity for data retention, access and preservation. The current solution for many IT departments is to use disparate storage solutions for different applications but this often leads to management nightmares and data inaccessibility resulting in an impact to business operations and patient care. Caringo Swarm solves these issues by providing a highly automated storage solution that delivers a securely accessible unified medical archive for all your clinical data. Swarm is also natively accessible by many popular PACs applications and is currently being used by medical facilities around the world.

Improve patient care by streamlining storage operations.

Intelligent policy-based data life cycle management and continuous automated system optimization and self-healing make Swarm the perfect solution for your medical archive and clinical archive needs. Our highly automated approach enables you to maximize operational efficiency and easily comply with regulatory demands without manual intervention. The result is the ability to free up resources to focus on patient care.

Medical Imaging Software Integration

Caringo Swarm is seamlessly integrated into leading medical imaging software applications including: Merge Healthcare’s RadSuite PACs (medical imaging archive software), Acuo Technologies DICOM image management, archiving, and migration solutions, Teramedica’s Evercore Smartstore (digital image and patient records archiving software), Dejarnette xDL (medical image archiving software), Karos Health’s Rialto Vault (clinical information archiving), among others.

Continuously Evolve Hardware While Guaranteeing Data Integrity

Use the servers, hard drive technology and network of your choice. Swarm supports rolling upgrades that let you seamlessly add new hardware even mixing drive sizes within the same node. This let’s you easily add new, more efficient hardware and retire old, resource consuming hardware.

Everything You Need in One Install

Swarm is a complete software product that boots from bare metal and includes all operating system, services and interfaces needed. It runs from RAM leaving up to 98% of hard drive capacity for content.

Ensure Accessibility with Continuous Integrity Checks

The intelligence behind Swarm’s automation is the Health Processor that continually checks system status, governs and executes all automated procedures including content integrity and executing Lifepoints.

No Service Downtime for Maintenance

Swarm supports rolling upgrades and is highly available by design eliminating service downtime.


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