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Enterprise-Class Medical Record Management and Vendor Neutral Archive

Managing the explosion of digital medical images, diagnostic reports and patient medical records has become increasingly complex. HIPAA, state and local healthcare regulations are becoming more stringent, adding layers of complexity for data retention, access and preservation. The current solution for many IT departments is to use disparate storage solutions for different applications. This results in management nightmares and data inaccessibility, impacting business operations and patient care. Caringo Swarm solves these issues with a highly automated data management and storage platform that delivers a securely accessible unified medical archive for all your clinical data.

Hassle-Free, Limitless Object Storage

Since 2005, Caringo has helped solve some of the most pressing challenges facing the medical industry today. With a field-hardened and tested solution, Caringo Swarm offers features that medical organizations require to meet the ever-increasing volume of data and the evolving privacy concerns and regulations of the 21st century.

  • Limitless Scale from TBs to PBs on standard hardware
  • WORM & immutability from accidental deletion
  • Universal access from HTTP, S3, and NFS
  • Integrate with popular PACs and imaging applications
  • Streamline access and operations
  • Ensure compliance
Feature Spotlight
Replication and erasure coding examples for elastic content protection

Elastic Content Protection (ECP)

Automated management of replication and erasure coding.

General-purpose object storage needs to be capable of serving varied use cases within a wide range of durability SLAs and associated price tags. To build that infrastructure, Caringo natively implements both replication and erasure coding into Swarm through Elastic Content Protection. Elastic Content Protection is enabled by parameter metadata (choice of mechanism, # of replicas, # of parity segments) that is variable between individual objects over time and geographies (replicating clusters as part of the cluster parameters) as part of a programmed and automatically enforced lifecycle. This capability was developed so that Caringo can truly deliver on our promise of changing the economics of storage.

Solution Brief

Caringo Storage Solutions for Medical Imaging

Caringo can help you meet the needs of patients, comply with industry regulations such as HIPAA, and keep up with the rapid growth of that data.

Caringo Medical Verified Partners

Caringo has a number of certified resellers and technology partners that can help design, integrate and support a solution tailored to suite your unique needs

Clear Data Caringo Partner
DeJarnette Caringo Partner
Diversified Caringo Partner
Fujifilm Caringo Partner
Lexmark Caringo Partner
Lucid Assurance Caringo Partner
Signiant Caringo Partner
TeraMedica Caringo Partner

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