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The Media and Entertainment industry is at the forefront of the shift to all-digital workflows. IT now must manage all content from primary to archives and everything in between. Immediate content availability is now mandatory due to the proliferation of digital delivery, transcoding requirements and long tail use cases. In addition, archiving content has significantly changed. Digital recordings, on hard drives and flash, is now the standard form of initial capture leading to the need for high performance digital methods of long-term preservation that includes detailed customizable metadata. Caringo Swarm software-defined storage solves these issues by providing massively scalable, high performance storage solutions that keep your content accessible and ensure preservation — indefinitely.

Media & Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Features & Benefits

Complete Software-defined Storage

Swarm is a complete software product that boots from bare metal and includes all operating system, services and interfaces needed. It runs from RAM leaving up to 95% of hard drive capacity for content.

Massive Scalability to Hundreds of PBs, Billions of Files

A mind numbingly large namespace enables massive scale to hundreds of petabytes and billions of billions of files. And best of all – performance improves as your system grows.

Evolves with You While Guaranteeing Content Integrity

Use the servers, hard drive technology and network of your choice. Swarm supports rolling upgrades that let you seamlessly add new hardware even mixing drive sizes within the same node. This let’s you easily add new, more efficient hardware and retire old, resource consuming hardware.

Fast for Small and Large Files

Swarm’s zeroFS, Swarm architecture, and Elastic Content Protection (management free movement between replication and erasure coding) provide consistent rapid performance for small files (Bytes) or large files (Terabytes).

Powerful Search, Find the Data You Need, When You Need It

Gain robust insight into objects stored via Swarm Search. Ad hoc queries can be run on file attributes or metadata and viewed through a web-based portal or compiled as JSON or XML for import into 3rd party analytics applications.


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