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Solution Benefits

Caringo HPC Storage Benefits

Hassle-Free, Limitless Object Storage for HPC

High level performance of production infrastructure at scale, eliminating
common networking and storage bottlenecks

Free up expensive primary storage space

With Swarm’s multi-protocol support, you can tier data from high-performance storage and cache space. Swarm enables interoperability for various HPC use cases making it easy to migrate data from compute clusters, NAS/DAS storage with instruments and devices, home directories and Hadoop. Swarm’s native RESTful interface is based on HTTP 1.1 with SDKs in all major languages. Swarm supports the Amazon S3 API and major storage protocols like NFS and SMB.

Provide metered storage for chargebacks & multi-tenancy

With Swarm, you can rapidly deliver storage services and provide secure access to internal or external users. Swarm snaps into existing authentication and access control systems and comes with an integrated management portal for easy web-based or API-based administration.

Files from various sources are stored on the same storage platform, each with their own unique ID. This allows you to consolidate data and enable collaboration while eliminating storage silos. Gain robust insight into objects stored via Swarm search. Ad hoc queries can be run on object attributes or metadata and viewed through a web-based portal or compiled as JSON or XML for import into 3rd-party analytics applications.

Seamlessly scale as your requirements grow

Caringo is committed to helping HPC customers unlock the value of their data and solve issues associated with data protection, management, organization and search at massive scale. Caringo software is market-hardened and can run on any mix of standard hardware, offering unrivaled flexibility.

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