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Caringo Solutions for

High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Hassle-Free, Limitless Storage for HPC

The solution for data protection, management, collaboration
and search at massive scale.

Multi-Protocol Access Diagram

Self-Managing, Multi-Tenant Storage for HPC Workloads

The value in your data and applications is determined by how quickly and easily that data is available. While primary storage and SSDs may be ideal for low-latency and high-burst experiment workloads, they are not ideal for a searchable, cost-effective and web-accessible archive. The solution for data protection, management, organization and search at massive scale is Caringo Swarm Hassle-Free, Limitless Object Storage.

Multi-Tenant, On-Prem S3 Storage for HPC

Founded in 2005, Caringo provides industry leading software-defined object storage so HPC customers can absorb ever-increasing capacity needs, support more researchers in various locations capturing and analyzing data, and keep pace with the ongoing shift in access from traditional file protocols to RESTful interfaces.

  • Search with custom metadata
  • Consolidate data silos with ease
  • Integrate metering and chargebacks
  • Enable secure collaboration
  • Increase experimentation capacity
  • Reduce storage TCO up to 75%
Feature Spotlight

5x Faster File Uploads

Speed Time to Ingest with up to 5x Faster File Upload from any Browser

Uploading of large files to object storage often requires a gateway or software mount point that may not work on all workstations and files must be written to a spooler to ensure all file segments are transferred. Bulk upload speeds the process by writing data segments in parallel directly to the Swarm cluster without spooling content on a gateway, resulting in the ability to upload any number of large, multi-GB files directly from any web browser.

Solution Brief

Securely Accessible, Multi-Tenant Storage for HPC Workloads

Unlock the value of your data and solve issues associated with data protection, management, organization and search at massive scale. Caringo software is market-hardened and can run on any standard hardware.

Caringo HPC Verified Partners

Caringo has a number of certified resellers and technology partners that can help design, integrate and support a solution tailored to suite your unique needs

45 Drives Caringo Partner
Boston Caringo Partner
File Catalyst Caringo Partner
Fujifilm Caringo Partner
Globus Caringo Partner
Lucid Assurance Caringo Partner
NAS Caringo Partner
Quantum Caringo Partner
Signiant Caringo Partner
Versity Caringo Partner

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