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Caringo Solutions for

Enterprise Information Technology

Tier 1 Enterprise IT Management Platform for Unstructured Data

A single, cost-effective tier of data management and storage with
built-in protection, massive scale and remote access

Multi-tenancy, orchestration, security, metering, scale-out storage cluster, for primary storage tiering, applications, end-user workflows with Elasticsearch

Ensure Compliance, Security and Resilience while Cutting Storage Costs 75%

The traditional approach to ensuring access to your data within the workflow is to use expensive primary storage (NAS or SAN) while content is being worked on and then to migrate it to cheap, inaccessible storage (like tape) for long-term retention. Throughout this process, backups are continuously made—costing time, money and resources. Adding to the problem, as datasets grow, backup windows expand and ultimately take so long they impact your operations. The solution is Caringo Swarm, a single data management and storage platform with built-in protection that is massively scalable, instantly accessible and cost effective.

Hassle-Free, Limitless Object Storage
for Enterprise IT

From small enterprises to government organizations around the world, Caringo Swarm Object Storage enables IT Administrators with a field-hardened solution that continuously evolves as the demands of data storage grow.

  • Integrated search & secure access over the web
  • Self-healing with continuous health checks
  • Replication, HA and compliance built in
  • Tiering from Windows Servers and NetApp File Servers
  • Granular scale from TBs to PBs on choice of hardware
  • Industry-leading 95% capacity utilization
Feature Spotlight
Replication and erasure coding examples for elastic content protection

Elastic Content Protection (ECP)

Automated management of replication and erasure coding.

General-purpose object storage needs to be capable of serving varied use cases within a wide range of durability SLAs and associated price tags. To build that infrastructure, Caringo natively implements both replication and erasure coding into Swarm through Elastic Content Protection. Elastic Content Protection is enabled by parameter metadata (choice of mechanism, # of replicas, # of parity segments) that is variable between individual objects over time and geographies (replicating clusters as part of the cluster parameters) as part of a programmed and automatically enforced lifecycle. This capability was developed so that Caringo can truly deliver on our promise of changing the economics of storage.

Success Story

Texas Tech University Improves Storage Infrastructure by Adopting Swarm

Another brilliant example of how easy it can be to migrate to a modern software-defined platform based on an object store backend, while obtaining benefits both in terms of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and service improvement.

Caringo Enterprise IT Verified Partners

Caringo has a number of certified resellers and technology partners that can help design, integrate and support a solution tailored to suite your unique needs

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Quantum Caringo Partner
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Xenit Caringo Partner

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