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One Storage Solution for Students, Faculty & Research

Educational institution IT departments are faced with a broad range of storage related issues associated with the various use cases they need to support on a daily basis. The amount of data created by administrators, students, faculty, and by researchers is growing at a tremendous rate driven by the rapid migration to an all-digital workflow, e-learning and advancements in research tools such as gene sequencers and mass spectrometers. A large subset of this data also needs to be accessible for remote students and faculty, distributed collaboration at satellite campuses or partner research facilities. Caringo Swarm software-defined scale-out storage solves these issues and enables educational IT departments with limited resources and existing heterogeneous storage devices to quickly implement one easy to manage, massively scalable and accessible storage solution for every use case.

Get ahead of content or user growth.

Caringo Swarm software-defined storage enables you to use any combination of x86 server hardware and any size of hard drive to create a massively scalable storage solution that is directly accessible via HTTP or the Amazon S3 API. Storage and networking resources are pooled and work together to provide high performance storage regardless of object size (even small files), object count or capacity. Multi-tenant functionality ensures that every department, project, faculty member or student has their own scalable storage location all under a single namespace making it easy to manage and expand.

Massive Scalability to Hundreds of PBs and Billions of Objects

A mind numbingly large namespace enables massive scale to hundreds of petabytes and billions of billions of objects. And best of all – performance improves as your system grows.

Tune to Specific Use Cases, All Under One System

Swarm can extract every bit of value from commodity hardware but if a power boost is needed you can choose higher performance servers, solid-state drives or 10 GigE networks to enable performance intensive workloads.

Snaps Into Existing Authentication Systems

Use LDAP and Linux PAM authentication for integration into existing corporate identity management systems. Also supports token-based authentication for pre-validated access logins.

Supports Any Number of Departments or Campuses

Supports single or multi-site deployments for a broad range of use cases and business requirements.

Powerful Search, Find What You Need When You Need It

Gain robust insight into objects stored via Swarm Search. Ad hoc queries can be run on object attributes or metadata and viewed through a web-based portal or compiled as JSON or XML for import into 3rd party analytics applications.


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