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In today’s litigious environment corporate and federal regulations concerning data preservation and secure access are increasingly stringent. Organizations are now struggling to ensure enforcement and rapid data access for up to 25 years. Migrating data from more expensive storage to more cost effective solutions is an option but it’s very difficult to guarantee compliance and integrity and cheaper methods are often inaccessible. The solution is a single storage system for data creation and archiving that preserves data with guaranteed integrity and built in control.

Meet regulations and governance – stop hefty penalties and fines

Caringo Swarm is the ideal accessible, long-term storage solution for the most stringent corporate and government use cases. Our software-defined scale-out storage approach means that data is stored as a whole with metadata that includes customizable lifecycle policies, access policies, and content integrity seals ensuring the information chain of custody. All of these features are standard in a fully automated, easy to manage solution that will reduce your risk and save you time and money in litigation support.

Prove Content Hasn’t Been Tampered With

Content integrity seal is patented technology that establishes content authenticity by creating and storing a unique hash of the data stored with the object UUID, computed on the content only, not the metadata. Content integrity seals can be updated if the hashing algorithm used is ever compromised.

Create a Secure Snapshot Without Disrupting Storage Operations

Legal Hold creates a point-in-time snapshot of a specified set of files at a specified time that are then immutably stored regardless of what happens to the original object or cluster.

Comply with WORM Requirements

Address regulatory mandates that content is stored on non-erasable, non-rewritable media.

Transmission Integrity – Ensure Content Sent Wasn’t Tampered With

Verifies intact object transmission from source to destination. MD5 hash of the file can be included in the file header to ensure that there is no corruption of the file data during transmission.

Optimize Footprint and Integrity Based on Requirements

Elastic Content Protection is automated management between data protection schemes (replication and erasure coding) to optimize for data integrity, data center footprint or performance. Every node can enforce policies set by Lifepoints, content size or popularity of content; and every node can store replicated or erasure coded files.


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