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Offer a Scalable and Secure Cloud Storage Service

From an end-user’s perspective, the benefits of cloud storage are clear. The on- demand, pay-as-you-go, endless capacity characteristics are extremely attractive. However, service providers and IT administrators are now tasked with enabling these “benefits” as a service. Caringo Swarm, when combined with Caringo CloudScaler™ provide everything you need to deliver private cloud storage services secure within your data center or a public cloud storage service like Amazon S3.

Caringo Storage for Cloud Storage

Features and Benefits

For Enterprises and Service Providers


Control and easily manage massively scalable, secure cloud storage

  • Rapidly deliver a cloud storage service to your employees, business units or partners
  • Snap into existing authentication and access control systems
  • Ensure compliance and security from user management to storage access
  • Seamlessly integrates with popular cloud orchestration platforms

Service Providers

Compete with Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift by providing enterprise features

  • Differentiate cloud storage services by offering customizable SLAs, compliance and governance features
  • Decrease storage operating costs with an industry-leading 98% disk utilization and adaptive power conservation technology
  • Enable commerce through robust metering for billing, reporting and service auditing
  • Amazon S3 API support


Use Cases

World’s largest social discovery site chooses Caringo

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Private/Public Cloud Storage Infrastructure

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Integrated Solutions

Product Briefs


Cloud Storage Software Gateway

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