Big Data Storage Solutions Use Case | Caringo Swarm

Store Any Volume, Flow, or Size of Data

Value in your organization is driven by the ability to access and analyze data regardless of object size, object count or storage amount. Advancements across various industries are making maintaining value more difficult exposing the limitations of file system based storage technologies which become brittle with size and have constraining file count limits based on the inefficiencies of splitting files into blocks. The solution is Caringo Swarm, object storage software that enables limitless storage for Big Data applications while providing robust indexing for continued insight and analysis.

Easy, massive scalability with robust search for insight and analysis.

Caringo Swarm was designed with massive scale in mind and can store billions of objects of any size without degradation in performance with continuous, flexible data protection. The built in HTTP interface guarantees accessibility from any application while intelligent policy driven management and automatic optimization ensure plug-and-play expansion to petabytes per location.

Adding capacity and performance is just a plug away

Swarm’s no single point of failure approach truly shines when it comes time to scale. Simply rack servers, boot Swarm and store. There is no LUN or namespace management, and all storage balancing is automated. Any migration is automatic.

Eliminates complexity to enable scale

Swarm doesn’t rely on a file system that gets brittle with size. All operational and descriptive information is stored as metadata contiguously with each object. The zeroFS approach means storage capacity and object count can scale with no worries.

Find the data you need, when you need it…

Gain robust insight into objects stored via Swarm Search. Ad hoc queries can be run on object attributes or metadata and viewed through a web-based portal or compiled as JSON or XML for import into 3rd party analytics applications.

…and Find it FAST, regardless of capacity or file count

File addressing is based off of a 128-bit unique universal identifier or unique name. When content is accessed it is located instantly (zero IOPS) and delivered in milliseconds regardless of capacity or object count.

Tune for your specific needs

Swarm can extract every bit of value from commodity hardware but if a power boost is needed you can choose higher performance servers, solid-state drives or 10 GigE networks to enable performance intensive workloads.


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