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Instantly Accessible, Searchable, Long-Term, Cost Effective Storage

The traditional approach to ensuring access to your data within the workflow was to use expensive primary storage (NAS or SAN) while content is being worked on and then migrate it to cheaper and inaccessible storage (like tape) for long-term retention. Throughout this process backups are continuously made costing time, money and resources. To add to the problem, as data sets grow, backup windows do too and ultimately take so long they impact your operations. The solution is a single tier of storage with built in data protection that is massively scalable, instantly accessible and cost effective.

Get ahead of content growth.

Caringo Swarm object storage software can be used as an additional tier of storage to optimize the use of primary storage or, in many cases, be used as the primary tier of storage. When compared to NAS, Swarm offers increased scalability, continuous data protection and reduced costs all in a solution that is significantly easier to manage. Caringo Swarm was developed from the ground up to eliminate the bottlenecks and complexity that are common place with NAS, tape and all other legacy storage solutions. By removing inefficiency and enabling the evolution of hardware, while ensuring the integrity of content, Swarm enables you to get ahead of content growth into the foreseeable future.

Hundreds of PBs, billions of files

A mind numbingly large namespace enables massive scale to hundreds of petabytes and billions of billions of files. And best of all – performance improves as your system grows.

Instant access

Object addressing is based off of a 128-bit unique universal identifier or unique name. When content is accessed it is located instantly (zero IOPS) and delivered in milliseconds regardless of capacity or file count.

Fast for small and large files

Swarm’s zeroFS, Swarm architecture, and Elastic Content Protection (management free movement between replication and erasure coding) provide consistent rapid performance for small files (Bytes) or large files (Terabytes).

Evolves with you

Use the servers, hard drive technology and network of your choice. Swarm supports rolling upgrades that let you seamlessly add new hardware even mixing drive sizes within the same node. This let’s you easily add new, more efficient hardware and retire old, resource consuming hardware.


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