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Caringo Vertical Solutions


Securely Accessible, Multi-Tenant Storage for HPC Workloads

A complete cloud storage and object storage platform for HPC

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Storage Platform for Access, Distribution, and Archive, Media and entertainment and digital video solution brief

Caringo for M&E and Digital Video

Comprehensive Scale-Out Storage for Collaborative Digital Assets

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Solving Windows Server Storage Bloat

Now there’s a better solution—the Caringo FileFly Secondary Storage Platform—a complete offering designed to solve the problem of Windows Server storage bloat.

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Content Distribution with Caringo Swarm

Deliver a great end-user experience while reducing complexity & costs.

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Swarm for Healthcare

Learn how Caringo simplifies storage for healthcare professionals.

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Caringo Storage for Medical Imaging

Caringo can help you meet the needs of patients, comply with industry regulations such as HIPAA, and keep up with the rapid growth of that data.

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Swarm for Education

Enables educational IT departments with limited resources to quickly implement one easy-to-manage, massively scalable and accessible storage solution for every use case.

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Technology Partner Solutions


CatDV + Caringo

Simplify your media workflows with the CatDV media asset management (MAM) system while leveraging Caringo Swarm.

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FileCatalyst + Caringo

Caringo Swarm Cloud & Object Storage Platform with FileCatalyst is a proven solution that provides massively scalable storage with direct HTTP access. Large file transfers are radically simplified, as well as content storage and delivery—all while reducing costs.

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Fujifilm + Caringo

Data Management + Multi-PB Storage. Complete, on-prem data management for multi-petabyte environments

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Globus + Caringo

S3-Enabled Private Cloud Storage with Secure, Reliable Research Data Management

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infinite io + Caringo

Seamless Integration of File-Based Workflow with Hassle-Free, Limitless Storage.

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Marquis + Caringo

With Marquis and Caringo, M&E organizations can extend the life and value of their current Avid shared storage by efficiently and cost-effectively storing and protecting the assets they need while ensuring ready accessibility for reuse.

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Pixit Media + Caringo

Learn how to leverage a complete software-defined storage approach combining Pixit Media’s PixStor and PixStor Ngenea Hierarchical Storage Management.

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Reach Engine + Caringo

Content Creation, Curation & Storage for the Cloud Age.

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StorageTeam + Caringo

Centera to Swarm migration.

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Wasabi + Caringo

Put your mind at ease without stressing your IT budget.

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Western Digital + Caringo

Industry pioneers Caringo and Western Digital have collaborated to provide simplified data management and storage for unstructured data at massive scale.

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