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Object Storage Performance Benchmark Whitepaper

Object Storage Performance Benchmark

Abstract: This whitepaper presents the results from recent benchmarking of Caringo Swarm object storage on a multi-Terabit converged Ethernet Software-Defined Storage Super Data Cluster deployed by the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) Scientific Computing Department (SCD) for the JASMIN project.

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Machine Learning: The Smarts of the Swarm

June 2018

Abstract: Caringo’s patented method of synchronizing shared cluster parameters is built on an algorithm that has been in production use for over 1.2 billion years—with the most fundamental application of biomimicry being the design of our massively parallel cluster technology. This whitepaper details the smart machine learning behavior of a Caringo Swarm.

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Consumers Demand Convenience; Can Storage Help?

Author: Adrian Herrera, VP of Marketing at Caringo | April 2018

Abstract: Originally published in Broadcast Beat’s 2018 NAB Show edition, this article from A.J. Herrera explores how the broadcast landscape is quickly changing with a transformational shift in the flow of information. Learn how organizations are rising to meet consumer demands of instant access to content with object storage.

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A Storage Platform for Production, Distribution & Collaboration at Massive Scale

Author: Curtis Chan, Senior Editor at Broadcast Beat Magazine | March 2018

Abstract: M&E industry veteran Curtis Chan, Senior Editor at Broadcast Beat Magazine, examines how Caringo Swarm is used as a storage platform for production, distribution and collaboration at massive scale and shares insights from Caringo CEO & Co-Founder Jonathan Ring in this article.

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Turning Content Storage into a Competitive Advantage 2017–18

Author: Adrian Herrera, VP of Marketing at Caringo | January 2018

Abstract: Pricing pressures and accessibility of cloud services are forcing M&E IT departments to weigh the pros and cons of cloud storage, object storage, NAS and tape in an effort to store more content and provide search and secure access without an increase in budget. Explore the functional areas of content storage that must adapt, map them to storage options and learn how to turn content storage from a cost center into a competitive advantage.

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Turning Storage into a Competitive Advantage

Author: Adrian Herrera, VP of Marketing at Caringo | September 2017

Abstract: Learn how to turn storage into a competitive advantage in this article originally published in Broadcast Beat magazine.

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TVTechnology: Guide to Managing Media

September 2017

Abstract: Learn how IT Pros are managing the demands of digital video storage and integrating storage into the workflow of Media & Entertainment in this eBook that explores storage technology.

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TechGenix Review of FileFly 2.0

July 2017

Abstract: In this insightful product review, IT pro Brien Posey reviews Caringo FileFly 2.0, explaining why he awarded it a Gold Star (4.9 of 5 stars). Posey noted that the simplicity and ease of use that FileFly brings and commended the product for helping companies save money on their primary storage by dynamically moving stale data from primary storage to cost-effective object storage.

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Optimizing Windows File Servers

March 2017

Abstract: Windows File Servers remain one of the most popular ways for an organization to store and share data between employees. It’s relatively easy and inexpensive to just stand up another file server until the operational impact of yet another file server is factored in—then this cheap alternative is not so cheap. Learn how to effectively optimize your Windows File Servers in this eBook from Storage Switzerland.

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Replication and Erasure Coding Explained

August 2016

Abstract: Unlike what most storage vendors will try to make you believe, data loss in storage systems is unavoidable. It is right up there with death and taxes. However, by selecting the right solutions and applying the appropriate parameters, we can control to a large extent both the probability of data loss happening, as well as the size of the data loss when it actually does happen. This paper provides a qualitative, straightforward view into the specifics of this process as related to the Caringo object storage software, Swarm.

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NAS vs. Object—Which is Best for Your Data Center?

August 2016

Abstract: When it comes to managing unstructured data the data center has problems. The legacy network attached storage (NAS) systems that it uses to store this data are no longer keeping pace with the demands of the modern data center. As a result, IT planners are considering object storage as a potential replacement for their aging NAS infrastructures. This Storage Switzerland NAS vs. Object eBook provides a detailed examination of these technologies to help IT planners decide which technology is right for their data centers.

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5 Crucial Problems With Big Unstructured Data Analytics and How to Fix Them

Author: Marc Staimer, President & CDS Dragon Slayer Consulting | March 2016

Abstract: Big unstructured data analytics has become a hot IT trend with good reasons. There is actionable knowledge and insight that can be obtained from that unstructured data. Historically unstructured data (files or objects) did not fit well in traditional relational SQL database columns and rows. And that made it quite difficult to mine data to obtain that useful, actionable insight.

Unfortunately, big unstructured data analytics has several operational and financial obstacles that make obtaining those valuable, actionable insights and knowledge daunting. This paper will examine those obstacles in detail and explain how they can be effectively mitigated or eliminated utilizing Caringo Swarm.

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Protecting Data in the Cloud Age with Caringo Swarm Object Storage

Author: Don Baker, Caringo Swarm Lead Developer | February 2016

Abstract: With the onslaught of data that organizations are experiencing in the cloud age, protecting all that data has never been more important. Storing and providing access to your stored data may be the most visible thing that Swarm does, but Swarm also protects your data. Our founder, Jonathan Ring, uses a metaphor for Swarm as a ship carrying and protecting your data as the river of hardware changes over time, either through upgrade or eventual failure.

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Caringo FileFly: Extend NAS via Hyper-Scale Object

Author: Scott Sinclair, Enterprise Strategy Group | October 2015

Abstract: ESG Analyst Scott Sinclair discusses unstructured data and how the limited scale and proprietary nature of traditional file systems increases costs and adds management complexity. This white paper on Caringo FileFly for Swarm (software-defined object storage) explains how you can extend your NAS and shift data to a next-generation storage solution.

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Caringo Breathes New Life Into NAS Storage

Author: David Hill, Mesabi Group LLC | October 2015

Abstract: David Hill of the Mesabi Group provides insight into both the upside of using network attached storage (NAS) and the downside. With enterprise organizations suffering from “storage bloat” (that is, large number of files that unnecessarily reside on primary storage), high primary storage costs, and performance issues, there must be a better way! Mr. Hill elaborates on how Caringo can help breathe new life into NAS Storage.

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Object Storage: Adoption, Practice and Deployment, An Outlook Report from SSG-Now

Author: Deni Connor, SSG-Now | August 2014

Abstract: With the advent of object storage systems, also come confusion. How is object storage different than scale-out NAS? How does it differ from content-addressable storage? Why do so many cloud storage systems such as Amazon Web Services rely on object storage? SSG-NOW takes a look at technologies and products when such confusion exists in a specific market. This report will solve that problem and answer your questions about object storage.

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The Data-Centered Data Center

Author: Ben Woo, Neuralytix | July 2014

Abstract: Infrastructure is a cost; but information is an asset. Understanding how to exploit this asset will require new ways to store and process data. Learn how one key data storage approach can help establish an agile and scalable data platform.

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Ending Storage Silos: Next Generation Storage Unification

Author: Marc Staimer, Dragon Slayer | July 2014

Abstract:Storage silos are separate islands of storage. They have existed within data centers for years, even decades. Learn about what causes silo issues, the different solution approaches and how next generation storage unification is finally putting an end to storage silos.

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Caringo: Bringing Together Software-Defined and Object Storage

Author: David Hill, Mesabi Group | June 2014

Abstract: Two of the biggest trends in storage today are software-defined storage and object storage. What are they and why are they important? Let’s consider that by examining software vendor Caringo, which deals with both areas.

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Caringo Swarm: Beyond the Limits of Traditional Storage. A New Private Cloud Foundation for Storage Needs at Scale

Author: Enrico Signoretti, | May 2014

Abstract: Traditional storage infrastructures are having a hard time keeping pace with data growth and next generation workloads. And the outlook is even worse! Everything is digital now, your next phone will take bigger pictures than current one, users create richer content for their documents; your company stores everything and wants to keep every single bit of it! At the same time data accessibility is another issue: anytime, anywhere and from any device is not possible, or too costly, if you don’t have the right kind of infrastructure… Read IT consultant Enrico Signoretti’s advice on the ideal storage foundation for private cloud needs at scale.

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The Requirements for Cloud Storage Infrastructure

Author: Eric Slack, Senior Analyst, Storage Switzerland | July 2012

Abstract: Cloud storage is becoming a ubiquitous term, subject to a wide variety of definitions. In the context of this article cloud storage will refer to a storage service that’s provided by an organization to storage users.

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Is Your File Server Choking?

Author: George Crump, Senior Analyst, Storage Switzerland | July 2012

Abstract: Dealing with data is a top priority in 2012 for most IT organizations. The challenge in dealing with this problem is that most growth is in the area of unstructured data (data not in a database). And this isn’t just user files, although those are growing too, it’s also machine generated data which is quickly eclipsing that created by humans.

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