Product Briefs | Caringo


Hassle-Free, Limitless Object Storage

Swarm provides a flexible platform for storing, managing, protecting and delivering content and data.

Swarm SSA

Single Server Appliance, On-Prem S3 Storage

Swarm Single Server is on-prem, S3-accessible storage with built-in content management.



Lightweight File Protocol Converter

Bringing the benefits of Caringo Hassle-Free, Limitless Object Storage to NFS & SMB-based applications and workflows.


Automated Data Lifecycle Management 

Optimize filers, consolidate files and streamline backup and recovery for unstructured data.

Features and Integration Support


Product Line Overview

The Caringo Product Line Overview provides a high-level summary of the products that make up the Caringo ecosystem.

Caringo Swarm Hybrid Cloud for Azure

Hybrid Cloud for Microsoft Azure, you can copy data from Swarm to Azure blob storage to leverage Azure compute services

Caringo Drive

Simple Drive Access to Swarm from macOS and Windows

Caringo Connect Portal

Portal for Caringo partners, customers and developers that provides everything you need to integrate to Swarm object storage – free.

SwarmFS for Hadoop

Simple, bulletproof, limitless storage for Hadoop.

Cluster Services Node

Manage deployment, upgrading and monitoring of Swarm object storage.

Elastic Content Protection

Dynamic content protection using both replication and erasure coding for Swarm object storage.

Swarm SDK

Software Development Kit with HTTP interface and documented API for Java, Python, C++, and C# for Swarm object storage.