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Lightweight File Protocol

NFS and SMB, seamlessly integrating
files and object storage


Benefits of Swarm Object Storage
to NFS and SMB Apps & Workflows

Do you need to securely store and access data via SMB, NFS, S3 and native Swarm HTTP? Do you need to organize millions or billions of files coming from different protocols, distribute data to different locations and easily search all files at once? Caringo® SwarmFS—a lightweight file protocol converter to bring the benefits of scale-out object storage to NFS and SMB, seamlessly integrating files and object storage.

  • No single point of failure
  • High availability (HA) built in
  • No caching or spooling
  • Parallel data streaming
  • Linux process, appliance or VM-deployable
  • Stateless and lightweight
  • Fully Distributed NFS Architecture

    Easily centralize, distribute and manage data

    Files can be ingested at any site and readily available across the globe via a single mount point. Swarm provides multi-tenancy and enhanced security, including integration with AD, LDAP and PAM.

    Global Address Space

    Eliminates storage and protocol silos with universal access

    With SwarmFS, you can now write data to a global address space making it portable with multi-protocol read and write to Swarm through any combination of NFS, S3, SMB or SCSP/HTTP.

    Eliminates Metadata Databases

    Brings the Power of Metadata to Files

    SwarmFS brings the power of metadata, inherent in Swarm object storage, to all files. With SwarmFS, metadata can be added to files directly from the client. Annotating files with metadata advances the way files can be searched, organized and analyzed at scale. Once on Swarm, data can be profiled with big data analysis tools such as Kibana. Collections of files can be mounted based on the result of a metadata search.

    Data can be Easily Centralized or Distributed Across Campus, Across Country or Across the World

    Product Brief

    Sustained Data Streaming for NFS and SMB

    With SwarmFS, a single mount point can be accessed across campus, across country or across the world. Our unique technology delivers a truly global namespace across NFS, SMB, S3 and Swarm HTTP.

    Object Storage Benefits with SMB & NFS

    Streams data directly to and from Swarm Storage, reducing risk of data loss and the amount of disk, CPU and RAM.