Reduce Time to Last Byte (TTLB) with Partial File Restore (PFR)

Large video and project files are often stored on tape that must be manually restored or striped over many tapes, delaying the TTLB of requested data. With PFR, Swarm 11 can replace tape and allow you to clip a large video file for rapid turnaround of a specific portion of a video (or video highlight) directly from the archive layer for editing, internal sharing or streaming. Broad CODEC support is available through the API for integration into Asset Management solutions with MP4-based clipping available directly from the Swarm Content Management interface.


Speed Time to Ingest with up to 5x Faster File Upload from any Browser

Uploading of large files to object storage often requires a gateway or software mount point that may not work on all workstations and files must be written to a spooler to ensure all file segments are transferred. Bulk upload speeds the process by writing data segments in parallel directly to the Swarm cluster without spooling content on a gateway, resulting in the ability to upload any number of large, multi-GB files directly from any web browser.


Simplify File Sharing

To share large files, M&E professionals often rely on an external 3rd party service (e.g., Box or Vimeo), FTP servers, costly content delivery networks (CDNs) or shipping flash or hard drives. With Swarm File Sharing, authorized users can generate a streamable URL for any file from the Swarm Content Portal and then email, download or Slack the URL for secure internal or external sharing.


Rapidly Distribute Data Protection with Backup to S3

Instantly backup any Swarm domain or an entire cluster to Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier via S3 Lifecycle rules. Swarm can backup to S3-compliant on-prem storage targets or 3rd-party S3-compliant services. This is ideal for organizations that want to keep a backup copy on-prem in an S3-compliant tape system or you may leverage an enterprise subscription with an S3-compliant cloud storage service.

Evolve Your Data Storage

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