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Web-scale Search

Organize, sort and filter to find the data you need,
when you need it.

Swarm Storage search results in the content management user interface

The Problem:

Exabyte-Scale Search & Query

To extract value from data you need to be able to find the specific data you are looking for or association between data within millions to billions of unstructured files. Traditional databases and file systems were not designed for this.

The Solution:

Swarm Software + Elasticsearch

Swarm is seamlessly integrated with Elasticsearch giving you a wide range of search and analytics options. Queries and searches can be conducted by command line, through the Swarm web-based Content Portal orvia the Swarm API.

Web-based Portal

Quickly define, execute and view results from any popular web-based browser.

Queries from Swarm CLI

Execute any supported query from the Swarm command line interface and gain direct access to content.

Robust HTTP RESTful Interface

All search functionality is also available via the Swarm SCSP API for integration into 3rd party applications.

Third-Party App Integrations

Plugs directly into Amazon S3 and Hadoop (HDFS) plus more, allowing access to data from Swarm.

Custom Metadata

Add custom metadata to any file, at any time via a web-browser or the API.

Filter & Organize Large Result Sets

Define exactly how data is organized, previewed and filtered to limit results or narrow search.

Query Saving for Rapid Reuse

All searches are dynamic and may be saved for rapid reuse to later speed up building your queries.

Export Results to JSON or XML

Search results can be exported to JSON or XML for integration into analytics platforms or processes.

Leverages the ELK Stack

Enabled by Elasticsearch and seamlessly works with Logstash and Kibana for analysis and visualization.

How it Works

Swarm storage content portal edit custom metadata
Success Story

iQ Media Uses Swarm for Maintenance-free, Massively Scalable Storage

Learn how iQ Media uses FileFly to automatically move files from filers to Swarm for the ability to consolidate, access and dynamically organize files at massive scale, optimize storage operations and free up resources to focus on customers instead of managing the storage infrastructure.

Scale with Peace of Mind

No more bottlenecking controller nodes or metadata databases that get in the way. Schedule a demo today.