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Rack Boot Store

Swarm’s non-single point of failure approach makes it simple to scale. Just rack servers, boot Swarm and store. All storage balancing is automated. Swarm software is also available as a VM or as a complete appliance.

Smooth & Linear

With the parallel nodes loosely coupled and no bottlenecking controller nodes or metadata databases to get in the way, just add the hardware of your choice for linear scaling of capacity and throughput.

Tunable for Variable
Use Cases

Swarm provides consistent, rapid performance for small or large files. For huge files, Swarm supports parallel uploading and can append to existing files without a complete rewrite.

Swarm can extract every bit of value from standard economical hardware or you can choose higher performance servers, solid-state drives or any network topology to support performance-intensive workloads.

Single or Multi-Site

Swarm supports single or multi-site deployments (with synchronous or asynchronous replication) to satisfy a broad range of use cases and business requirements. Sites can have different hardware configurations and protection schemes.

Success Story

iQ Media Uses Swarm for Maintenance-free, Massively Scalable Storage

Learn how iQ Media uses FileFly to automatically move files from filers to Swarm for the ability to consolidate, access and dynamically organize files at massive scale, optimize storage operations and free up resources to focus on customers instead of managing the storage infrastructure.

Scale with Ease

Storage management is tedious! Let Swarm do the work for you, try Swarm Storage software today to see how.