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Multi-tenancy, orchestration, security, metering, scale-out storage cluster, for primary storage tiering, applications, end-user workflows with Elasticsearch

Complete Software Appliances

Booting from bare metal, Swarm includes all operating system and services needed to run on any combination of x86 hardware and disk capacities. It runs everything from RAM, including its distributed dynamic index, leaving up to 95% of hard drive capacity for content.


runs from ram, boots from bare metal, tune to any workload, no file system or software to install
  • Software runs from memory
  • Leaves 95% disk capacity for data
  • Deploys on bare metal
  • VM or as a complete appliance

  • Nodes bidding on best route to read or write based on the request

    All Nodes Cooperating

    All storage nodes can perform all functions (read, write, recover, etc.). Swarm’s patented bidding algorithm determines the most efficient node cluster-wide to execute a request while minimizing hotspots with automated load balancing.

    Feed propagation and subcluster locations

    Synchronous and Asynchronous
    Geographic Distribution

    • Swarm Subclusters provide a synchronous cluster partitioning scheme to enable content distribution within a single cluster or geo-stretched cluster for increased data durability through automatic distribution of replicas and EC segments.

    • Swarm Feeds enable policy-based synchronous or asynchronous data propagation to other clusters or Amazon S3. Each cluster can have its own replication and administration policies.

    Adaptive Power Conservation Example of Storage Nodes Sleeping

    Adaptive Power Conservation

    Swarm Darkive is patented adaptive power conservation technology that will selectively spin down drives and power step node CPUs based on configurable periods of inactivity. Darkive is ideal for cold archive use cases where large content libraries need to remain online and immediately accessible.

    High demand and high caching or low demand and low caching

    Dynamic Caching

    Dynamic caching automatically replicates content in RAM to satisfy increased access requests ensuring the underlying infrastructure delivers optimal access performance.

    Replication and erasure coding examples for elastic content protection
    NOTE: This is an example, it does not imply that Swarm is limited to 6:2 erasure coding or only 3 replicas

    Elastic Content Protection (ECP)

    ECP is flexible, policy-based protection that optimizes the use of resources based on the value of your information. Continuous protection is enabled using replication or erasure coding at a single site or at multiple sites. Rapid, proactive recovery ensures your files will be there when you need them. Swarm also supports AES-256 encryption at rest and compliance features like WORM, Integrity Seals and Legal Hold.

    Search, Filter, Query
    & Organize

    With integrated Elasticsearch, search results can be compiled as JSON or XML for import into 3rd-party analytics and data visualization platforms like Logstash, Kibana, Prometheus or Grafana. Gain robust insight into objects stored and system status. All searches are dynamic queries that can be saved for rapid reuse.

    SSL and loadbalancing tenant and multi-tenant services for public and private clouds


    You can deploy Swarm in private, public or hybrid configurations in single-site or multi-site deployments with built-in feeds for distributed content requirements. Multi-tenancy and metering are built in along with support for enterprise identity management solutions (LDAP, AD and Linux PAM) and token-based authentication supporting the Amazon S3 API.

    Product Brief

    One Storage Platform for Access, Distribution & Archive

    Caringo Swarm gives you massively scalable, self-managing storage that unifies data silos and simultaneously handles mixed-use cases with a single deployment so you can extract the value of your data.

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