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Partial File Restore
& Video Clipping

Reduce Time to Last Byte when restoring,
sharing or streaming archived video.

partial file restore and video clipping in swarm software

The Problem:

Time to Last Byte for Large Videos

Large video and project files are often stored on tape that must be manually restored or striped over many tapes. Or, only a portion of a much larger video is needed. These issues delay the Time to Last Byte (TTLB) for the needed video segment.

The Solution:

Swarm Software – The One Storage Platform for Access, Distribution & Archive

Swarm Partial File Restore (PFR) enables you to clip a large video file for rapid turnaround of a specific portion of a video (or video highlight) directly from the archive layer for editing, internal sharing or streaming. Broad CODEC support is available through the API for integration into Asset Management solutions with MP4-based clipping available directly from the Swarm Content Management portal.

How it Works

Success Story

iQ Media Uses Swarm for Maintenance-free, Massively Scalable Storage

Learn how iQ Media uses FileFly to automatically move files from filers to Swarm for the ability to consolidate, access and dynamically organize files at massive scale, optimize storage operations and free up resources to focus on customers instead of managing the storage infrastructure.

Cut Time to Last Byte

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