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Storage Efficiency & Data Durability

Swarm’s Elastic Content Protection combines automated management of replication and erasure coding with continuous integrity checks and fast volume recovery. All nodes participate in recovery of lost data through Swarm’s innovative distributed algorithm which gets faster as the cluster grows.

Replication and erasure coding examples for elastic content protection

Fast Volume Recovery

Swarm is highly available by design, supports hot-plug drives, adding/retiring disks and rolling upgrades of the full software stack—without service downtime.

Optimize for Durability
or Access

Erasure coding reduces footprint and increases data durability while replication ensures rapid access. Chose the protection method that fits your business, retention or SLA requirements. Set protection policies per object and store replicated and erasure-coded objects on the same servers, ensuring optimal use of hardware. Automatically shift between protection methods based on age, size, location, or type.

In addition, Swarm automatically caches hot content for reliable delivery, regardless of access patterns.


White Paper

Replication and Erasure Coding Explained

This paper provides a qualitative, straightforward view into the specifics of this process as related to the Caringo object storage software, Swarm.

Stop Manually Managing Data Recovery

Try Swarm Storage today to see how Swarm software automates recovery—saving you time and money while ensuring your data is there when you need it!