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Caringo Swarm

Eliminate legacy storage complexity with instant access and analysis.

Caringo Swarm leverages simple and emergent behavior with decentralized coordination to handle any rate, flow or size of data. Swarm turns standard hardware into a reliable pool of resources that adapts to any workload or use case while offering a foundation for new data services.


It’s simply efficient.

Squeeze every last drop of value out of your resources.

Complete Storage Software

Booting from bare metal, Swarm includes all operating system and services needed to run on any combination of x86 hardware and disk capacities. It runs everything from RAM, including its distributed dynamic index, leaving up to 98% of hard drive capacity for content.

Shatters Complexity

Swarm doesn’t rely on a file system or database that both get brittle with size. All operational and descriptive information is stored as metadata encapsulated with each object meaning you can scale quickly to 100s of petabytes and beyond.

Evolves With You

Seamlessly add new hardware mixing node types, hardware vendors or drive sizes and retire older, less efficient hardware at the push of a button. Forklift upgrades are a thing of the past.


Use Darkive patented adaptive power conservation technology to selectively spin down drives and power step node CPUs to reduce power consumption by up to 80% in cold archive use cases, drastically reducing TCO (comparable to tape-based archive).


It’s rock-solid reliable.

Designed to be bulletproof, Swarm won’t go down, so you can sleep at night.

Elastic Content Protection

Combines automated management of replication and erasure coding with continuous integrity checks, passive recovery and active recovery—even for erasure coding.

Fast Recovery

Active and passive recovery is automated and all nodes participate in recovery through Swarm’s innovative distributed algorithm that scales with cluster size (getting faster as capacity increases).

Optimize for Durability or Access

Erasure coding saves footprint and increases data durability, while replication ensures rapid access. Swarm automatically replicates hot content for reliable delivery regardless of access patterns.

No Service Downtime

Swarm is highly available by design, supports hot plug drives, adding/retiring disks/nodes and rolling upgrades of the full software stack—all without service downtime.


It’s limitless.

Plug-and-store scale to 100s of petabytes and beyond.


Swarm’s no-single-point-of-failure approach makes it simple to scale. Just rack servers, boot Swarm and store. There is no LUN or namespace management, no proxy server front-ends to configure, and all storage balancing is automated.

Hundreds of PBs, Hundreds of  Billions of Objects

A mind-numbingly large namespace combined with Swarm architecture enables massively parallel scaling to hundreds of petabytes and hundreds of billions of objects.

Smooth & Linear Scaling

With the parallel nodes loosely coupled and no bottlenecking controller nodes or metadata databases to get in the way, just add the hardware of your choice for linear scaling of capacity and throughput.

Single or Multi-Site

Supports single or multi-site deployments (with massively parallel replication, both synchronous and asynchronous) to support a broad range of use cases and business requirements. Sites can have different hardware configurations and protection schemes.


It’s exceptionally fast.

Don’t let the volume, flow or size of your data slow you down.

Swarm Architecture

All Swarm nodes can handle all operations. An innovative algorithm and caching is used to dramatically reduce overhead and manual management associated with other architectures like RING. There are no single points of failure like controller nodes, databases or management nodes.

Instant Access

Object addressing is based off of a 128-bit unique universal identifier or unique name. When content is accessed, it is located instantly (zero IOPS) and delivered in milliseconds, regardless of stored capacity or object count.

Supports Small & Large Files

Swarm provides consistent, rapid performance for small (Bytes) or large (Terabytes) files. For huge files, Swarm supports parallel uploading and can append to existing objects without a complete rewrite.


Swarm can extract every bit of value from standard economical hardware or you can choose higher performance servers, solid-state drives or 10 GbE networks to support performance-intensive workloads.


It’s highly automated.

Data management can be time consuming—let our software do it for you.

Swarm at Work

Swarm’s unique architecture enables the massively parallel interaction between each individual node, automating capacity and load balancing. Distributed repairs also happen independently because every object is aware of a lost replica or lost segment and re-replicates accordingly.


Lifepoints are administrator-defined policies stored as metadata that automatically manage the entire data lifecycle from creation to expiration including number of replicas, erasure coding scheme, delete protection and deletion.

Health Processor

Health Processor continually checks system status and governs and executes all automated procedures including content integrity and executing Lifepoints.


It’s enterprise-ready.

Meet stringent compliance regulations, get insight at any scale, and count on our support.

WORM & Legal Hold

Address regulatory mandates that content is stored on non-erasable, non-rewritable media. You can also use Legal Hold to create a point-in-time snapshot of a specified set of objects at a specified time that are then immutably stored regardless of what happens to the original object or cluster.

Integrity Seals

Patented technology lets you prove in a court of law that content has not been tampered with. Integrity seals are based on only the content and can be upgraded in the case a hashing algorithm is compromised.


Gain robust insight into objects stored. Ad hoc search queries can be run on object attributes or metadata and viewed through a web-based portal or compiled as JSON or XML for import into 3rd-party analytics applications.

Ongoing Support

Receive instant access to our knowledge base, FAQs, tech notes and product alerts. Depending on your business requirements, choose the level of support you need.



Swarm Object Storage Software

Simple, bulletproof, limitless storage that scales to 100s of petabytes and beyond.
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Caringo Swarm SDK

Software Development Kit with HTTP interface and documented API for Java, Python, C++, and C# for Swarm object storage software.
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