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Smart Secondary Storage

Completely automated lifecycle management
of all your unstructured data


Smart File Movement Based on Value

The only solution you need for complete, automated lifecycle management of all your unstructured data—from creation to preservation, on premises and in the cloud.

FileFly transparently moves cold data from primary storage environments to Caringo Swarm, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or any S3-compatible archive storage. Simply select the level of file data movement based on business requirements. Then, reap the benefits of consolidating data on a single platform that ensures data can be easily accessed, regardless of whether it’s on prem, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

  • Eliminate Data Silos
  • Access Data Anywhere
  • Multi Cloud Support
  • Significantly Reduce Costs
  • Keep Your Filer!
    Don’t Change the Way
    Apps and Users Work

    FileFly enables the efficient migration of data from Microsoft® Windows® Servers or NetApp® Filers to Caringo Swarm, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud to optimize primary storage assets. Administrators set file- and directory-level policies to automatically and transparently move file data.

    Optimize Filers and Cut
    Storage Costs by 75%

    FileFly reduces storage total cost of ownership up to 75% and optimizes filers by moving up to 90% of file data to Swarm.

    Backup and Recovery
    while Reducing Risk

    With up to 90% less data on your filer, backup windows get faster, disk I/O is reduced and recovery happens in a fraction of the time.

    Deploy Remote Disaster
    Recovery within Minutes

    Use an existing Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage or Google Cloud Storage account as a storage target—giving you an instant disaster recovery site.

    Consolidate Files and
    Search Files on Swarm

    Consolidate and search files stored on Swarm based on source file name, folder path, MIME Type, attachment content-disposition, date created, date modified, basic attributes, owner name and/or source host.

    Product Brief

    Optimize Filers, Consolidate Files and Streamline Backup & Recovery

    Can you scale your storage to multiple petabytes and trillions of files, optimize your filers, and consolidate files across multiple locations—all while driving down your total cost of ownership and acquisition? Would you like to take advantage of today’s web-scale storage infrastructure with no application changes and retaining transparent end-user file access?

    You can, with Caringo® FileFly®

    FREE Community Edition

    FileFly eliminates silos, consolidates files and optimizes filers by moving file data at the right time to Swarm, AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.