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Caringo CloudScaler

The Foundation for a Secure Multi-Tenant Cloud Storage Service.

CloudScaler with Swarm provides everything you need to develop Amazon S3 compatible private, public, or hybrid cloud storage services.

Snaps Into Existing Authentication Systems

Use LDAP, Active Directory, and Linux PAM authentication for integration into existing corporate identity management systems. CloudScaler also supports token-based authentication for pre-validated access logins.

Metering for Billing, Reporting & Service Auditing

Access a data feed of transactions and requests by domain (such as storage requests, attempted logins, etc.) to create detailed billing and accounting reports for bandwidth usage, access audits, and API request summaries. Graphical reporting is also supported through the administrator portal.

Robust Administration

Manage administration through a web-based portal and use the open management API for integration into any management, billing or cloud orchestration platform.

Flexible Naming Schemes with No Bucket Limits

Easy storage management and flexible bucket naming is enabled by lightweight tenant and domain creation and allocation.

Use Your Domain

Access and deliver content using your corporate domain name. Virtual hosting of buckets is also supported through the S3 API.

Amazon S3 API Support, Extensible API Architecture

CloudScaler supports the Amazon S3 API through an extensible architecture that can be used to seamlessly support additional 3rd party APIs. A broad range of applications that currently support the Amazon S3 API work directly with CloudScaler.