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Swarm Cloud DR

Managed, Offsite Disaster Recovery Service

Enhance data protection with managed, offsite
disaster recovery to Wasabi® cloud storage


Reduce Risk, Optimize Resources and Meet Any Data Protection Requirement

Swarm Cloud DR powered by Wasabi provides a seamless way to instantly add a remote DR site. Backups are customizable and data is replicated to one of Wasabi’s globally distributed data centers. Swarm Cloud DR is offered as a 3-year add-on to an existing Swarm deployment or Swarm Server Appliance purchase.

With the Cloud DR service, you can rest assured that the Caringo staff is there to manage the recovery process, and with the included Wasabi storage, there are no surprise fees (including those for ingress or egress of your data).

Enhanced Data Protection

Instantly add a globally distributed remote DR site

Data is protected on-prem with Swarm using replication or erasure coding and data. In addition, data is replicated to one of Wasabi's regional data centers—East Coast US, West Coast US, EU (Netherlands) or APAC (Japan).

Hassle-free Data Management

Easily replicate data to Wasabi using the Swarm UI

Replicating data to Wasabi is simple and completed in seconds within the Swarm user interface (UI). If a disaster occurs, Caringo support staff will manage the recovery process.

Predictable Costs

Stay within your budget and avoid extra fees

The Swarm Cloud DR managed service is offered as a 3-year add-on to an existing Swarm deployment or Swarm Server Appliance purchase. The service includes all Wasabi cloud storage capacity as well as all ingress/egress fees for 3 years with the recovery process managed by Caringo.

Continuous Global Replication

Rest Assured Your Data is Protected

Once set up, data is automatically and continuously replicated to one of Wasabi's globally distributed data centers. Have peace of mind that if a disaster occurs Caringo experts will manage the recovery process, getting your data online as quickly as possible.

Product Brief

Swarm Cloud DR

With Swarm Cloud DR, you can meet even the most stringent data protection and retention requirements while having experts at the ready to help you when needed.

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