On-Prem, S3-Accessible, Object-based Storage Device – Single Server

Caringo Swarm Single Server On-Prem S3 Storage

Swarm Single Server is on-prem, S3-accessible, object-based storage device with built-in content management. The appliance contains all the hardware and software you need to keep archived content online, searchable and web-accessible—secure within your network.

Caringo Swarm Single Server Object Storage Appliance

Scale with Ease

  • Built-in content management, search and delivery
  • Keep archives online and secure within your network
  • Reduce ongoing costs and risks of cloud storage

Start Small, Scale Big

At one-quarter of the hardware requirements of a typical object storage deployment, Swarm Single Server was designed to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized content-driven organizations. Adding additional capacity and performance is as easy as plugging in another appliance—making it a breeze to scale from 60 TB to hundreds of PB.

Additional appliances can be added in the same server room or data center, on campus or even at a remote site. Swarm’s built-in policy-based feeds spread content across appliances based on business requirements, delivering increased durability and disaster recovery.

A web-based user interface (UI) provides administrators the ability to manage appliance hardware status and tenants. Storage accounts for departments, employees, projects, applications or end-users are created with just a few clicks. Storage capacity and content permissions are easy to configure and can be modified at any time.

Use the web-based Content Portal to view and upload content, modify metadata of your content and see how much of your quota you have used. You can also search for content across all accounts you have access to. The native interface for Swarm is based on HTTP so you can share content directly from the single server appliance internally or externally. Admins maintain access control to ensure content is secure.

Plug into apps that support S3 interfaces (asset managers, archive/backup applications, FTP/WebDAV clients, editing suites, etc.). Options available for Windows® and macOS® drive access through Caringo Drive, direct integration for proprietary apps via Swarm API, direct access over NFSv4 with SwarmNFS, and FileFly for tiering data via SMB from Windows Servers® or NetApp® Filers.


  • 4U Chassis
  • Dual Intel Xeon® Processors
  • 120 TBs raw storage capacity
  • Dual 10 Gb NICs
  • LSI 12GB/s HBA controller
  • Redundant power supply
  • 3-Year Warranty and Support


  • Caringo Swarm
  • Core object store
    • Web-based Storage and Content Management Portal
    • Elasticsearch
  • VMware® ESXi®

Product Brief

Caringo Swarm Single Server:
Single Server, On-Prem S3 Storage

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