Millions of files secured, instantly accessible and automatically managed for more than 7 years

AUSTIN, Texas, October 23, 2012 – Caringo, the leading provider of object storage software, today announced that Truliant Federal Credit Union is using CAStor® for the long-term storage of business-critical files including call center audio, video, check images, ATM receipts and email archives. CAStor provides Truliant with the ability to create a massively scalable pool of storage on the company’s choice of commodity x86 server hardware with high performance and instant accessibility regardless of capacity or file count. Additionally, CAStor enabled Truliant to reduce its storage footprint and costs by 42 percent, allowing for the elimination of dedicated power distribution and network switches.

Truliant Federal Credit Union has 22 member financial centers in four states with 190,000 members and $1.5 billion in assets. Truliant has been leveraging the benefits of object storage since 2005 to efficiently store, manage and access the millions of rich media files, ranging in size from a few KBs to a few hundred MBs, used daily in the line of business.

With the need to replace its original, aging object storage devices, Truliant began evaluating current solutions. Truliant selected the Caringo Object Storage Platform powered by CAStor because of its ability to install on any standard server hardware, plug-and-play throughput with no downtime or impact to applications, and ‘set it and forget it’ ease of maintenance.

“Service is key for Truliant and its members’ information is of paramount importance, which is why they needed a storage solution that evolves with their business and member needs,” said Mark Goros, CEO of Caringo. “Our storage software removed Truliant’s reliance on proprietary hardware offerings, giving them the flexibility to continue to benefit from hardware price, performance and capacity improvements without disruption to operations, all while ensuring data is completely secure and accessible for as long as they need it to be.”

The complete use case can be downloaded at:

About Caringo

Caringo software gives enterprises everything they need to deliver private cloud storage or cloud storage as a service. The solution combines efficient object storage technology with elastic content protection, intelligent and automatic distribution and centralized management under a global namespace on your choice of commodity hardware. The result is a secure and compliant unified pool of storage that can expand or contract capacity and object count to meet any operational or business requirements – all at cloud economics and secure in your datacenter.