CAStor was the only solution that was able to store hundreds
of millions of images while maintaining rapid access

AUSTIN, Texas, June 28, 2011 — Caringo Inc. today announced that Synergent, a leading provider of credit union products and services in the Northeast, has selected Caringo’s object storage software (CAStor) to meet its needs for management and protection of hundreds of millions of check images and transaction receipts generated by credit union members.

Synergent provides a powerful, stable and flexible platform for electronic check collection and processing, core processing, ATM/debit/credit card processing, and related support services to more than 200 credit unions. Transaction receipts and check images are created as custom (symform) image files, roughly equivalent to an unalterable tiff or pdf file then are stored in CAStor. Synergent now uses CAStor to store hundreds of millions of transaction receipts and check images and retains them for 7 years. The company evaluated several storage technologies.

“At first we tried tape but it was just too slow taking several hours or days to backup the images,” said Trever Jackson, Network Support Analyst at Synergent. “SAN was too expensive and it couldn’t provide responsive image call back due to the sheer number of images. We then evaluated other private cloud storage software but it didn’t work as advertised. Caringo CAStor was the only solution that was able to store hundreds of millions of images while maintaining rapid access. It just works.”

“Traditional storage infrastructure limitations are exposed as businesses offer added value to their customers,” said Mark Goros, Caringo CEO. “Great performance combined with compliant and scalable storage, is just the tip of the iceberg in what CAStor can provide. This is exactly what we designed CAStor for and we are pleased that our technology is helping Synergent offer cost effective, state of the art features.”

About Caringo

Caringo, Inc. believes that file systems are a relic of the past. Today’s digital content should be stored with its metadata for secure, reusable, long term, multi-application use. Simplicity is the keyword at Caringo; for simplicity brings performance, flexibility and robustness while breaking the barriers of file system limitations. Storing your content in CAStor empowers applications to access it either as an object or as a file – a standard file system view on a future-proof object based storage system. Caringo customers have their choice of commodity hardware to build a robust storage cluster that dramatically improves the scope and economics of any content storage. Caringo makes content storage affordable, scalable, fast and easy.