AUSTIN, Texas, November 4, 2015 — Caringo today announced an IT-SENSE webinar with Jon Toigo, author of 17 books and noted journalist, and Adrian Herrera, Caringo’s VP of Marketing, titled “Object Storage: Is it Soup Yet?”

In this informative webinar, attendees will get a deep dive on Object Storage. Object storage has been talked about for years, but interest is now picking up steam as object vendors meet the traditional storage and file system vendors “half way” by simplifying roll out and integration with the file and block storage universe. Find out more about this rapidly evolving market/technology and if object storage can solve your data management issues.

Caringo Swarm is software-defined object storage that transforms physical or virtual servers into a simple, bulletproof, limitless pool of storage that can be accessed from any application or device and serve as a foundation for new data services. Caringo’s latest product, FileFly, plugs into Windows and NetApp file servers moving less-frequently accessed files to Swarm—creating a boundless tier of storage for consolidation of all files that are searchable and securely accessible.

Webinar details

Date and time: Wednesday November 11, 2015, 9 AM Pacific

Speakers: Jon Toigo, respected author and journalist, and Adrian Herrera, Caringo’s VP of Marketing

Format: The first 15 minutes of this IT-SENSE Webinar will consist of a vendor-neutral talk by Jon Toigo, on Object Storage. Toigo is known for not pulling punches in his assessments of current technology trends and is sure to provide entertaining and informative content.

In the second 15-minute segment following the presentation, Toigo will speak with Adrian Herrera about FileFly, a new solution from Caringo that combines the performance of NetApp and Windows file servers with the limitless scale and high availability of object storage.

The final 15 minutes of the webinar will be dedicated to fielding questions from the audience.

Register now or visit for more information.

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