Attendees to hear from Mark Goros, CEO and cofounder of Caringo

AUSTIN, Texas, June 1, 2011 — Caringo™ the leading provider of object storage software for digital content today announced that it has partnered with Perfect Search™ to provide mutual customers with a solution for the precise search of objects stored in Caringo object storage software (CAStor). Utilizing metadata, or the contents of the objects being stored, the combined solution enables the search of petabytes or even exabytes of data in under a second, instead of minutes or hours.

The Perfect Search Appliance (PSA) indexes the metadata and content of each object as it is stored, keeps track of the locators for each piece of data and provides precise hits as to where the query was found to enable immediate click through to the document, image, backup or file. When used in conjunction with CAStor, the PSA provides customers with rapid access to files or objects within the object store to provide customers with a comprehensive data management index and search solution.

“Perfect Search brings new search capabilities to the storage market never before offered. Others have provided the ability to search limited metadata, but no one has before offered a highly-scalable, cost-effective solution that allows a user to search not only the catalog information, but also the actual contents of the files stored,” said Perfect Search CEO Tim Stay. “The technology that powers the Perfect Search Appliance delivers the premier enterprise search solution, designed specifically to address data stores that continue to rapidly scale and exponentially grow in size.” “Customers in various industries have a pressing need to efficiently search the massive object stores our software enables,” said Mark Goros, Caringo CEO. “Whether it is a financial services organization that needs to quickly find a check image stored 5 years ago for dispute resolution or a hospital looking up a PACS medical image for an upcoming surgery; Caringo CAStor’s native integration with Perfect Search’s PSA gives our users yet another way to solve their issues and streamline their business operations.”

About Perfect Search

Perfect Search Corporation’s patented technology delivers its customers the industry’s fastest, most precise, most scalable, most cost-effective enterprise search technology. Offering both search engine SDK for OEM and search appliance solutions, Perfect Search enables enterprises to find the information they need when they need it, with speed and bulls-eye relevance. Learn more at

About Caringo

Caringo, Inc. believes that file systems are a relic of the past. Today’s digital content should be stored with its metadata for secure, reusable, long term, multi-application use. Simplicity is the keyword at Caringo; for simplicity brings performance, flexibility and robustness while breaking the barriers of file system limitations. Storing your content in CAStor empowers applications to access it either as an object or as a file – a standard file system view on a future-proof object based storage system. Caringo customers have their choice of commodity hardware to build a robust storage cluster that dramatically improves the scope and economics of any content storage. Caringo makes content storage affordable, scalable, fast and easy.