Caringo’s Cloud storage architecture now available to Veritas Enterprise Vault users

AUSTIN, Texas, Febuary 28, 2012 — Caringo® Inc., the leading provider of object storage software, today announced the successful integration of its Object Storage Platform powered by CAStor® with Veritas Enterprise Vault 10, Veritas’s newest email and content archiving software. The integration with the industry’s most widely deployed archiving software provides a long-term data retention solution that leverages Caringo’s cloud architecture, bringing a vendor-neutral scale-out storage solution with automated protection and replication all at cloud economics.

Caringo enables Veritas customers to save up to 40 percent in total cost of ownership over NAS or tape by using standard x86 server hardware with any size hard drives, providing a unified storage system that can scale to billions of objects and hundreds of petabytes per location. Caringo’s object storage approach also saves time and money in litigation support by delivering a WORM-capable storage repository with auditable access for adherence to even the most-stringent regulations while still delivering instant access to data.

“By using our object storage software any organization can easily implement a highly secure and resilient storage target for Veritas Enterprise Vault 10 that scales by simply plugging in new drives, using their choice of hardware vendor and any size hard drive,” said Mark Goros, Chief Executive Officer at Caringo. “What we are doing is bringing cloud architecture and cloud economics to Veritas Enterprise Vault 10 users which will enable them to not only keep up with their archive growth, but get ahead of it so that they can focus on their core business.”

Caringo invites Veritas Enterprise Vault users to try CAStor by downloading a free 2TB, unlimited, full-function license key for CAStor from /downloadCAStor_details.html.

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Caringo is the global leader in object storage and developer of the Caringo Object Storage Platform powered by CAStor – software that enables massive scalability and future-proof accessibility of unstructured data. Caringo object storage enables cloud storage solutions, big data repositories and general storage infrastructure replacing NAS, tape and VTL. Our field-proven technology utilizes any combination of x86 server hardware to build boundless storage solutions accessible via HTTP. Caringo object storage is integrated into leading data management applications from CommVault and Veritas, among many others. Organizations of all sizes can now avoid vendor lock-in, reduce costs, and guarantee data accessibility for decades to come. Caringo has over 400 customers ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.