AUSTIN, Texas, May 13, 2014 — Caringo® today introduced a comprehensive approach to unified storage software, Caringo Swarm7, that leverages emergent behavior where all nodes follow simple rules to automatically manage complexity as the solution grows while supporting all major cloud, file and storage protocols for instant access and analysis.

What’s new:

Uncomplicated massive scaling through architectural innovations

  • A new, patent-pending, dynamically distributed index in RAM that instantly locates and accesses objects using zero IOPS, reducing multicasting to a secondary role and reducing CPU load by 50% at nominal scale.
  • Architectural optimizations increase single cluster scale to over a hundred petabytes
  • Even faster post-problem recovery through rapid trimming.
  • Faster rolling, no-downtime upgrades with a 300% decrease in node boot time
  • True parallel uploads for massive object sizes.

Support for existing workloads and new use cases with unified storage interfaces

  • Incorporates and leverages nearly a decade of experience with CAStor™, the pioneer of software-defined object storage.
  • Caringo Swarm brings a shared pool of seamlessly scalable storage to the data center where customers can plug in the interface needed for any application use case.
  • CloudScaler® for multi-tenant, S3-like storage, where users control security and performance behind their firewalls.
  • FileScaler™ to support SMB and NFS file protocols on top of active archives with very large hierarchical namespaces.
  • New BlockScaler™ for iSCSI support providing pure block over object – available in Q3
  • All interfaces, including the existing CloudScaler that supports HTTP and S3 API access, write to Caringo Swarm. One storage infrastructure to support both legacy and true cloud applications.

Foundation for new data services through enhanced querying and Hadoop support

  • Out-of-the-box Hadoop support. Caringo’s original and innovative approach implements a true read-only Hadoop file system, offering a high-bandwidth pipe straight from the storage cluster that entirely eliminates the separate ingest step from archive or filer into HDFS. HDFS may still be used to hold intermediate results.
  • Enhanced metadata indexer to improve performance and scale for full metadata ad-hoc queries.

All-out attack on complexity, a shift to Caringo Swarm

  • Swarm is the only way to ensure uncomplicated scaling of capacity and throughput, and eliminate the complexity associated with legacy storage systems. There are no-single points of failure, no specialty nodes and no vulnerable metadata databases. The same software appliance code runs on all nodes. Nodes may be heterogeneous in model, brand and capability; they can be added and retired in flight.

“Swarm7 frees data from hardware, location and applications. Now there is a shared, seamlessly scalable pool of storage that can provide access for all major protocols. The ability to support complex operations with the simplest ingredients perfectly describes Caringo Swarm,” said Mark Goros, CEO of Caringo. “Our core team has been developing storage software for nearly a decade, and Swarm7 represents our most comprehensive, significant advancement to date. Can your storage swarm?”

“In working with some of the world’s largest enterprises and service providers on private and public cloud storage deployments, there was a clear need for storage software that can plug into various management solutions on the back-end and also plug into various applications on the front-end,” said Mark Goros, CEO of Caringo. “With the launch of CloudScaler 3 and the S3 Verification Program, Caringo takes a major step in solving these issues by making both service management and deployment easier for IT administrators and use of the service easier for their end users.”

“Given massive growth of unstructured information, and the value in that data, the ability to store efficiently and share across protocols is becoming increasingly important,” said Terri McClure, Senior Analysts at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Caringo Swarm fits the new profile for unstructured data storage, supporting this new paradigm.”

“Once again, Caringo makes it easy for us to deliver a complete email and file archival solution to our customers. Caringo’s Swarm offers a very unique and very valuable combination of fast deployment, easy management, unlimited scalability, and guaranteed data integrity,” said Pierre Chamberland, Founder and CEO of Netmail. “Our partnership with Caringo gives us the ability to leverage their incredible experience in unified storage. Implementing Swarm natively into our Netmail Platform opened up entirely new market opportunities for us. Caringo truly enhances the storage ecosystem for partners and customers alike with their simple and affordable approach. We are extremely excited by the potential of Swarm and how it will help fuel our continued growth and success.”

“Our main value proposition to our users is making backup-to-the- cloud easy and one of the ways we do that is by leveraging Caringo storage software,” said Tim Jewel, CTO from KineticD. “The enhancements in SWARM, in particular the focus on uncomplicated, massive scale and unified interfaces, help us to deliver on our commitments and enables us focus more time solving our customers’ problems and less time dealing with storage infrastructure management.”

About Caringo

Caringo ensures your data is available when and where you need it. Our Unified Storage Software, Caringo Swarm, turns standard hardware into a reliable pool of resources that adapts to any workload or use case while offering a foundation for new data services. We are helping organizations of every size by cutting the complexity associated with legacy storage while ensuring data is accessible from any application or device.