TYLER & AUSTIN, Texas, June 25 2013 — PersonalWeb® today announced that it has reached an agreement with Caringo®, the leading provider of object storage software, to allow the continued use of Truenames patents from PersonalWeb as part of the Caringo Object Storage Platform. Terms were not disclosed.

PersonalWeb’s Truenames patents are fundamental for cloud computing, distributed search engine file systems, content addressable storage and social networks critical to the development of a wide range of established and emerging distributed computing-based industries.

“Patents in the Truenames Portfolio have been licensed to numerous companies looking to leverage the respective technologies to further their own content addressable storage, cloud computing, search and social networking solutions,” said Michael Weiss, CEO of PersonalWeb. “By reaching an agreement with Caringo for the use of these technologies, we are able to ensure that our intellectual property rights remain intact while allowing Caringo to continue to develop their own portfolio of cloud and object storage products.”

Caringo has developed scalable, intelligent and compliant storage solutions that help companies solve their specific storage issues. Products developed as part of the Caringo Object Storage Platform satisfy the business needs of active archive, Big Data storage, Cloud storage, compliance and integrity, and disaster recovery across a variety of industries, including education, media and entertainment, healthcare, life sciences, and telecom and service providers.

Caringo’s CAStor® software enables massive scalability and future-proof accessibility of unstructured data. Utilizing commodity hardware to build robust and boundless storage solutions accessible via HTTP, CAStor is integrated into market-leading data management applications from CommVault and Veritas, among many others. CAStor enables cloud storage solutions, big data repositories and general storage infrastructure replacing NAS, tape and VTL. Companies of all sizes can now avoid vendor lock-in, reduce costs, and guarantee data accessibility for decades to come. Caringo has more than 500 customers ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

“Our ability to offer technology partners, OEMs, resellers, systems integrators and service providers the ability to develop object storage solutions that meet today’s business needs is of paramount importance to us,” said Mark Goros, CEO of Caringo. “The license agreement with PersonalWeb, ensures that Caringo can continue to provide its technology to worldwide customers and partners in an affordable, scalable, fast and easy way through the Caringo Object Storage Platform.”

About PersonalWeb

PersonalWeb Technologies was established in Tyler, Texas by a team who has been responsible for creating some of the Internet’s most popular software and applications used by tens of millions of people worldwide. The company develops products, including www.studypods.com, based on its patented technology that is important for many elements of cloud computing technology, distributed search engine file systems, social media and content addressable storage. For more information, please visit www.personalweb.com

About Caringo

Caringo software gives enterprises everything they need to deliver private cloud storage or cloud storage as a service. The solution combines efficient object storage technology with elastic content protection, intelligent and automatic distribution and centralized management under a global namespace on your choice of commodity hardware. The result is a secure and compliant unified pool of storage that can expand or contract capacity and object count to meet any operational or business requirements – all at cloud economics and secure in your datacenter.