Offering next-generation UI & data management, open analytics & enhanced metadata search

AUSTIN, Texas, October 11, 2016 — Caringo announced Swarm 9, extending the most advanced object storage platform with enhanced features focused on simplifying tenant and data management at scale. Swarm 9 features a next-generation UI, data encryption, and comprehensive protection policies making it even easier for organizations to provide storage services to their end-users.

“It’s clear that organizations of every size need to manage data a lot better and that starts with correlating data management requirements to infrastructure resources and storage services,” said Jon Toigo of Toigo Partners International and the Data Management Institute. “What Caringo has done with Swarm 9 is to give IT staff a platform to easily manage infrastructure, tenants and data so that they can quickly and easily execute on their business requirements.”

Swarm 9 comes on the heels of SwarmNFS, the first lightweight file converter to use up to 80 percent fewer resources than traditional gateways and bring the benefits of object storage to NFS applications. With SwarmNFS, Swarm 9 features are available to organizations with no disruption to current workflows and processes—their files can now be continuously protected, easily distributed, accessed and modified via multiple protocols.

“Data in and of itself is not complex; however, storing it, managing it, safeguarding it and getting value from it can be,” said Tony Barbagallo, VP of Product Caringo. “Swarm 9 eliminates much of that complexity by bringing everything together under a single, easy-to-use UI that provides both insight and full management capabilities, ensuring that organizations have continued access to the information they need in a cost-effective manner.”

Advancements included in Swarm 9 continue to position Caringo as the leader in object-based storage. Among the latest features to benefit organizations are:

  • New User Interface — Provides both hardware and content management. Administrators and end-users can use the new HTML5-responsive UI to monitor usage, specify data protection policies, and search their content with unified access across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Quota Management — Manages storage and bandwidth control at the tenant, storage domain and bucket levels via the new UI or REST API, enabling administrative control, end-user self servicing, and dev-ops process automation—making it even easier to provide public or private cloud storage.
  • Historical Metrics and Trends — Presents Swarm metrics within new UI and through REST APIs so that customers can leverage third-party data analysis tools such as Kibana.
  • Encryption at Rest — Provides industry-standard AES-256 whole volume encryption, eliminating the need to scrub retired or failed hardware before replacement.
  • Metadata Annotation — Allows users to attach structured or unstructured metadata to existing objects without altering the base object.
  • Elasticsearch 2.x — Provides an analytics engine designed for horizontal scalability and open access to Swarm’s operational metrics, metering, and metadata. Used through the new UI or with 3rd-party big data tools.
  • Integrated SwarmNFS Management — Offers complete management for SwarmNFS with the ability to define shares for domains and buckets as well as the results of any metadata search. Swarm 9 is available immediately.

For a limited time, Caringo is offering a discounted Quick Start Bundle that includes 100 TBs of Swarm 9, SwarmNFS, remote installation, training, and one year support. For more information or to schedule a demo, contact Caringo via email at

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