Solution Offers a Secure and Accessible Alternative to Traditional NAS Devices

Austin, TX, June 1, 2018 — Caringo, Inc. today announced a technology partnership with Komprise to solve issues caused by the astonishing rate of growth of unstructured data such as documents, videos, photos and audio files with increased quality and resolution by pairing Komprise intelligent data management technology with Caringo Swarm, hassle-free, limitless storage. As file creation and access has changed, the traditional Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, often used to store and provide access to an organization’s files, are no longer adequate for today’s rapidly scaling data stores. Many turn to the cloud to offload data; however, daily transfer rates and bandwidth constraints quickly become an issue as does data that contains sensitive information.

“At Caringo, we’ve long known that traditional NAS devices are a limiting technology and that, in time, organizations would need to look for more sophisticated tools to expand their storage capabilities and securely hold massive amounts of data on premise, eliminating the worry of ransomware and hacks,” said Tony Barbagallo, Caringo VP of Product. “With Komprise and Caringo, that transition is quite easy and you can reap the many benefits of object-based storage.”

With the combined solution, you can easily identify data via the Komprise user interface to move from NAS, realize the cost reduction, then securely transfer data based on its value to Caringo Swarm scale-out object storage. Once in Swarm, data is continuously protected without backups and instantly and securely available internally or externally. With automated archiving from NAS, a single-pane management interface and the ability to scale to 100s of PBs on any hardware, organizations can now align storage and access with data value while protecting archives from hacks and ransomware and significantly reducing backup cycles, speeding recovery and lowering storage Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

“Customers are realizing that with today’s explosive data growth, a one-size-fits-all approach to store and manage data is no longer tenable,” said Krishna Subramanian, COO Komprise. “We are excited to partner with Caringo and enable enterprises to continue leveraging NAS and Flash investments for hot data while transparently offloading cold data management and storage without any disruption to users or applications.”

On Thursday, June 21, Caringo will host a webinar titled “Slash Storage TCO for Rapidly Scaling Data Sets” on BrightTALK  at 10 AM PT/1PM ET. This educational webinar will feature Glen Olsen, Caringo Product Manager, and Krishna Subramanian, Komprise COO. Register now to watch live or on demand to learn more about how Komprise and Caringo have partnered to solve today’s most pressing storage  issues by pairing Komprise’s intelligent data management technology with Caringo Swarm hassle-free, limitless object storage.

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About Caringo

Caringo was founded in 2005 to change the economics of storage by designing software from the ground up to solve the issues associated with relentless data growth. Caringo’s flagship product, Swarm, decouples data from applications and hardware providing a foundation for continued data access and analysis that continuously evolves while guaranteeing data integrity. Today, Caringo software-defined object storage solutions are used to preserve and provide access to rapidly scaling data sets across many industries by organizations such as NEP, iQ Media, Argonne National Labs, Texas Tech University, Department of Defense, the Brazilian Federal Court System, City of Austin, British Telecom and hundreds more worldwide.

About Komprise

Komprise, the industry-leader in intelligent data management across clouds, empowers businesses to efficiently manage today’s massive scale of data growth while unlocking its value. The Komprise mission is to radically simplify data management through intelligent automation. Komprise is used by enterprises to intelligently manage data at scale. Komprise has been named to Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Storage Technologies 2017. For more information, go to